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Glasses Introduction

Glasses improve a person's life, there are three main ways. It can be used for vision correction, glasses, and as a fashion accessory.

History of glasses

Corrected visual acuity in the 5th century BC Egyptian hieroglyphics, which refers to the glass lens before noticed. Seneca wrote in the 1st century AD, the letters can be filled with water by the glass you can see the obvious. In the 9th century Ibn Firnas Abbaz for corrective lenses. He polished glass can be used to read in the rock. Glasses were invented in the late 13th century in Italy. These glasses lenses first, can correct hyperopia and presbyopia impact is to develop in the age of the person. Benjamin Franklin suffers from myopia and presbyopia. It annoyed the need to change the glasses. So, in 1794, invented bifocals.

The purpose of the corrective lenses is to change the focal length of the eye. This change to improve or eliminate the problem of myopia and hyperopia. "The eyes of middle-aged" or difficult to read without glasses elderly common problem is called presbyopia. It derives from the lens of the eye becomes stiff. This loss of elasticity reduces the ability of the lens to focus the object close to the eyes. Therefore, reading a book on guard, needle, or the ability to tell the time is severely affected.


Safety glasses with no lens-route is used to prevent fragmentation. Medical staff need to protect themselves from the body fluids of the patient. Factory workers need safety glasses with thick lenses and a strong side protection of the chassis. Welders must use kaos polos murah surabaya special glasses that can protect them from sparks and gun flashes.

Safety glasses sport lightweight and flexible. They can be curved, without breaking under pressure, and then springs back to its proper shape.

Sunglasses have lenses or non-prescription. Colored lenses to reduce caused by light and ultraviolet (UV) damage and inconvenience. Contrast colored lenses sunglasses to improve the perception of colors and depth between.

special glasses

There are many types of special glasses. One type is to deceive the public sees on a plane in three-dimensional 3D glasses. This is done by different information for each eye completed. Under normal circumstances, the glasses with a red lens on one side and the other green. 3D glasses are popular adventure sport in watching a horror movie or use.

Other special types include glasses having two or three points in the same focusing lens. These glasses need to take care of different glasses inconvenience different activities lead. Often the lens does not show the gradual change in the focal point. Other people may not have the habit of glasses, fire graduation, so they need another pair of glasses for each job or hobby.

Fashion eyewear

Follow colors and styles of fashion eyewear season. The change of style is also true spectacle. Sometimes heavy, colored frame is very popular, while at other times, thin, no facilities style. Each of colors and patterns have been applied to the frame. Lenses available in a variety of shapes and colors.

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