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Overview of different shirt styles

The t-shirt is a shirt is collarless, without borders and without buttons. Usually has short sleeves, round neckline. Initially it was thought to be a piece of lingerie. However, with time and fashion trends change constantly This is the jual kaos polos surabaya most popular choice of outerwear for all occasions became accidentally. T-Shirts can be classified into different styles based on the shape, size, shape, and even the quality of their materials.


T-Shirts originally designed to have short sleeves, but now they are made with short sleeves, long sleeves and sleeveless. Simple T-shirt crew neck with short sleeves are lightweight, comfortable and welcoming. T-shirt with long sleeves that can be used in cold weather. Both can be combined with jeans for a casual look. Sleeveless T-shirt (also known as undershirts, West) well-known athletes, but is now considered acceptable in the summer months. They can be used with shorts or sweat cotton pants, outdoors or at home are paired.


Shirts Men Slim-Fit hugging the body contours. Wide-matching those on the other hand, is loose and hanging on the body accidentally. Fir T-shirt Slim is very popular nowadays, and those who lean fit and well built. Those a little heavier in construction can choose from a T-shirt width adjustment and something to avoid baggy jeans, pay attention to its mass.

stock Styles

T-shirt round neck is originally not a single person has disappeared. There are some t-shirt style men is a little different. The most common of these is the tennis shirt (also known as the polo shirt or golf shirt) a chest pocket. Polo shirts are usually made from any fabric knitted cotton pique (unlike normal t-shirts, which are made from fabric). They were popularized by golfers and tennis players because of mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe easily outdoors and is the key to solving the most comfortable material.

A similar rugby shirt shirt with a high collar, but long sleeves. They have a lower collar and has the symbol on the front and back.

A pole variant with a high collar, high collar with fold over collar. Due to this reason, the collar is also known as a neck. Turtle was originally used in sweaters, but they are also stylish t-shirts.


A t-shirt shirt is a T-shirt worn by athletes in football and cricket teams. They are made from synthetic microfibers, so the evaporation of perspiration from the skin. Best Jersey T-shirt is waterproof too. They carry the names of the players on the back and the team name, logo, or the donor's name.

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