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January 23 2015


Lacoste Polo For Men

Shirt garment that covers the top of the body. Has collar, cuffs, sleeves and a front opening with buttons in it. In the earlier days people wear shirts only to cover their body, while with the change so new brands have started to meet the needs of men stylish and fashionable. grosir kaos polos murah di surabaya Lacoste Polo are indifferent colors and sort.Znani crocodile emblem on the left chest adds a charm on the shirt.

Polo T-shirt is also known as tennis or golf shirt with a placket of two three buttons on the front and may or may not have pocket in it. It seems a form of T. It consists of cotton or synthetic fibers. Lacoste Polo shirts come in short and long sleeves with solid or strips. It is a casual outfit with trendy look. Different varieties available in men's shirts that are polo Fit Guide, Long sleeve, Solid, Stripped, model, classic cut, retro fit, modern fit and slim fit.

Polo Fit Guide is just fit for the summer season as it is 100% cotton and very cool. Reload eye of this individual, when looking at the heat of the sun. Because it is a pure cotton so it prevents rashes and allergies. It has two buttons and the buttons are embedded with pearls. Has an edge with a collar and the opening ribbed. The colors are light and deep, and this can be solid or striped.

Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo is made from 100% cotton with a slit hem rep.Barvni contrast to the ribbed collar and solid rib equipment in sleeve adds another feature of this type. It has three buttons plackets with shinning pearls embedded on it. Lacoste polo is made of 100% pima bombaža.Glavna attraction of this shirt is that it gives a slim and striking of the wearer. It has two button plackets. Collection Red Stripe shirts are in great demand today.

Polo solids are single color with 100% pima bombaž.Barvna range is very large in this species. It is found both in long and short sleeve. Stripe shirts are available in horizontal and vertical lines. Lines of this shirt are different from other brands. It has some uniqueness in the way they are presented on the track. Sample t-shirts are available in solid, stripes and fabric design on the chest. It has two button plackets and embedded with biseri.Posebnost this shirt is sleeve opening and split tail hem. Retro Fit Polo shirts are 100% cotton. The plackets are woven carefully with two buttons. This is specifically stained and washed with the procedure of color pigment. It is recommended that for the washing machine. Under the Polo slim fit, the Red Collection has high demand due to sleeve opening and contrast collar. This is also the uniqueness of three gingham pattern.

Because of the change in demand of fashion Lacoste brand focuses their attention with the introduction of new collections with vibrant color. This gives a beautiful and good-looking when worn with jeans. Short Sleeve Jersey Polo with Raglan sleeve jersey covered the new target group and of great demand. Has sleeves and bottom opening with tipping, ribbed collar and contrast color tapping inside the neck. Lacoste Polo shirts are exclusive in all respects. Without lacoste polo shirt in ones wardrobe one would definitely miss occurs after stunning and fascinating aspect among others.
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